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Who We Are

Meet Carley
-Lead Facilitator-

Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor, Student of Nutrition, Founder and Lead Teacher of the My Moon Retreat Program. As a Mother of two, with years of experience teaching Yoga to communities of various ages, abilities and backgrounds, she knows just how important it is to take time for Self care, nourishing your Body, tending to your Mind and fostering relationships that support your Spiritual growth- No matter what stage of life you’re in!

Carley will accommodate you in this year-long journey. Keeping you informed about the astrological phase, teaching morning Yoga classes, overseeing the catering, managing the schedule and online community. She is here as your nurturing guide and loyal friend.

Meet Lauren
-Reiki Practitioner-

Lauren is a compassionate and skilled Reiki practitioner & Child & Family Support Worker. On occasion, she’ll join us to offer the ancient Japanese art of Reiki, which aids in relaxation, stress reduction, removing energetic blockages, releasing negativity and enhancing self-awareness and spiritual connection.

With this gentle yet powerful modality, Lauren taps into the subtle energy field through aura scanning, intuitive hand placements and intentional channeling of universal life force energy to cleanse and balance your energetic body and leave you basking in a calm and peaceful aura.

An experience you don’t want to miss!


Meet Ally
-Venue Owner-

As the Owner of Sarovara Yoga; the beautiful space in which the My Moon Retreat Program will be held, Ally is our Hostess with the Mostest!

She is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Entrepreneur and Successful YouTuber, who is always busy with events, projects, retreats and trainings here in the Kawartha Lakes, internationally and even online.

She has welcomed us to her beautiful studio; a place she also calls home. So you're likely to find her presence and kind hospitality throughout the

year as she checks in from time to time. Perhaps she'll even join us as a guest specialist to share her unique wisdom. ;)

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